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Wire mesh welding machine for 2D and 3D fence

We proudly present to you our wire mesh welding machine for automatic welding 2D and 3D fence panels (maximum dimensions 2500mm x 2500mm from bars 3-8mm in diameter). All bars are automatically fed from feeders for cross and line wires, and down feeder to feed the additional bottom crossbars in the 2D panel.

Behind the welding portal is a hydraulic press to manufacture 3D bent fence panels.

At the end of the pickup table, there is a zone for automatically picking up and palletizing the fence.

Mladenovac / Serbia / Europe


Our headquarters is located 45 kilometers from the capital Belgrade.

+381 63 650-532


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Last week’s photos from assembling factory 📸📸 Colleagues from the assembly sector were very busy before the delivery of several machines last week. With hard work we managed to complete and test several wire drawing machines for different projects such as manufacturing of steel fibers, ribbed wire, annealing wire, galvanized wire, wire for the nails […]

The first of three trucks are being loaded for our customer in Romania. With this delivery, the customer will increase the production of the steel thin wire. Soon we will prepare more information about these lines.                                      

September 12, 2022Corporate news

A Moroccan company known for the production of quality fence systems has started the production of 2D and 3D fence panels with a Mashtronics mesh welding machine. This factory was supplied with a complete automatic line for the production of fence panels VMP-2500 as well as a SuperCut-8 wire straightening machine. The VMP-2500 machine consists […]

We care about design as much as for functionality, our professionals take care of every last detail.

Aleksandar Radojevic / General Manager – Sales

About us

The Mashtronics is a family business with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing top-notch wire processing and reinforcement machines. It was founded by Vladan Radojevic back in 1999 with a mission to provide high-quality and reliable machines, which are also economical. Balancing cost and quality is a puzzle that Mashtronics has been able to solve.


High quality electrical components

We build in world-class electrical components to ensure amazing machine performance.

Continuous support

Our guidance doesn’t end with delivery, so we provide continuous online support to our customers so we can rise to every challenge.

Tailor-made solutions

All of our machines are custom-made to fit customers’ budgets and requirements.

1-year warranty

We provide a standard 1-year guarantee for all of our machines. Quality and reliability are our number one priority.







We are located in Mladenovac, only 45 km away from the capital Belgrade.
+381 63 650-532

Miloša Stepića 21, Mladenovac, Serbia


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