Morocco: New mesh welders for production 2D and 3D fences


A Moroccan company known for the production of quality fence systems has started the production of 2D and 3D fence panels with a Mashtronics mesh welding machine.

This factory was supplied with a complete automatic line for the production of fence panels VMP-2500 as well as a SuperCut-8 wire straightening machine.

The VMP-2500 machine consists of:

~Automatic longitudinal wire feeder,
~Welding portal with two feeder for cross wire,
~Servo carts for moving the welded mesh,
~Automatic press for bending fence panels,
~A robot for stacking finished panels.

Marokanska firma poznata po proizvodnji kvalitetnih ogradnih sistema startovala je proizvodnju 2D i 3D ogradnih panela sa Mashtronics mašinom za mreže.

Ovoj fabrici je isporučena kompletna automatska linija za proizvodnju ogradnih panela VMP-2500 kao i mašina za ispravljanje žice SuperCut-8.

Mašina VMP-2500 se sastoji od:
Automatskog dodavača uzdužne žice,
Portal za varenje sa dva magacina poprečne žice.
Servo kolicima za pomeranje zavarene mreže,
Automatskom presom za savijanje ogradnih panela,
Robot za slaganje gotovih panela.




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