We make your wire drawing process effortless and smooth by manufacturing different sizes of horizontal wire spoolers.

The horizontal wire spooler HMT-1000/750 is used for collecting the wire coming from the wire drawing machines (on fixed/collapsible spools).

Dynamically balanced, it consists of a strong steel structure and a sliding door for protection. It’s designed to ensure steady traversing and high-speed spooling. With hydraulic clamping, mobile lift, and extraction device, we enable easy and simple coil replacement.

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For the end of this successful year, we are dedicated to expanding the production space, given the number and size of projects that await us. This space will allow us to relocate part of the production process before assembly, allowing our employees to work smoothly on building our machines.



We are located in Mladenovac, only 45 km away from the capital Belgrade.
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