Welding transformers

Welding transformers

Besides having a wide range portfolio of wire processing machines, Mashtronics also manufactures welding transformers, which can be standard or tailored to fit your needs.

We can offer welding transformers in AC technology, which are both reliable and high quality, made from the best raw materials.

For additional information, send us an inquiry with your requirements and we will answer you with an offer as soon as possible.

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Main features

Tap switch

This machine presents perfect entry solution for anyone interested in production of the high quality paving stones, curbstones and blocks.

Embedded Temperature Sensor

Concrete mixing plant structure provides customizable height discharge height and it is produced from section – profile and sheet iron.

Bus Distributor Box

Importance of humidity inside of the mixture is one of the most important factors. The sensor measures at 25 times per second which enables rapid response to any changes in moisture content, including the determination of homogeneity.

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